La Junta Municipal Airport

The Airport is operated by the city's Property Management Department. The Property Management offices are located in the main municipal building at 601 Colorado Avenue.


Aviation hours of operation 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM  7 days a week except major holidays..

FBO office phone (719)384-8407



Colorado Pilots Association at its annual meeting on November 10, 2018 gave its Annual Airport Recognition award to the La Junta Municipal Airport.


The award is part of a recognition program in which members of the organization, based on their flying experiences, identify and make recommendations for awards to those Colorado airports that have gone out of their way to provide exceptional services and facilities to general aviation.


In nominating La Junta Municipal Airport for the award, CPA member Cade Sallee wrote:


“La Junta Municipal Airport has served as a very important airport in the Southeast Colorado region for many facets of general aviation. Historically, the airport served as a military bomber training base during WWII. The city and airport have wonderfully preserved one of the historic bomber hangars which is still in use for General Aviation today. Furthermore, a wonderful tribute room is maintained in the terminal, which contains priceless historic artifacts and photos of the war effort from that location. Today, the airport is the local lifeblood for general aviation. A clean facility, friendly staff, and competitive fuel prices make this airport a great destination for fun and business.”


In recent years, the airport has also served as an inspection base for the Seaplane Pilots Initiative in Colorado. This is a critical service in which seaplanes en route to Colorado’s first seaplane base at Lake Meredith land at La Junta Municipal for inspection of the aircraft to ensure that it was not carrying contaminants that could pollute the waters in Lake Meredith.


The airport also serves as a base to REACH AIR, an air ambulance service that provides critical care services via helicopter to all of Southeast Colorado and neighboring states.

Additionally, the airport serves as an important piece of an aviation-related training system for the area. DOSS Aviation, the U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Screening contractor, uses the airport almost daily for numerous aircraft operations. Local pilots utilize the facility continuously, and other pilots from across the state make the short hop to the airport to practice landings and takeoffs in less congested airspace.


And many others fly to the airport to access local restaurants and recreational sites.

The airport and its staff go above and beyond to stay relevant and useful to modern demands of General Aviation and are exceptionally well deserving of this recognition, the pilots association said.

Draft LHX DBE Goals FY 2020

The City of La Junta has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 26.