La Junta Municipal Court

Deferred Judgment and Sentence

Deferred Judgment and Sentence, or "a deferment", is the city attorney's offer, or "plea bargain" to drivers who  have not had previous traffic violations in the city of La Junta.

A deferment is a six-month probationary period. In that time frame, you agree to pay off all fines and court costs and not get anymore traffic tickets in the city of La Junta. If you are a juvenile, you also are required to take traffic school. We suggest, an online course.

Once the deferment period is complete and you have met all the requirements, the court will dismiss your ticket and the violation will not be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a result, points will not be added to your license.

If you violate any portion of the deferment, you will be summoned back to court and the judge will review your case.